Thunderbolts #1 (2016) (Marvel)


CREDIT: Marvel Comics

Rating: 4.5/5 – Old Thunderbolts, New Leader.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Brunell

It’s that time for a new group of villains to be put in the place of the heroes, but this isn’t a new group. The old team of Thunderbolts is back, with the Winter Soldier as their team leader. After the Pleasant Hill standoff, Bucky leaves the town with some new friends, the original Thunderbolts team and someone else. Bucky has assembled this team to fight back against the system that is meant to protect the people. After the events of Pleasant Hill, Bucky doesn’t trust S.H.I.E.L.D. and he’s out to level the playing field. S.H.I.E.L.D. is now the enemy in Bucky’s eyes, and he won’t stop until he rips them apart.

This team of Thunderbolts are vigilantes and fighting for the people, but hiding in the shadows because some heroes do not always support the laws and rules they feel are corrupt. Writer Jim Zub brings back this old team of villains, and he’s making them wanted for criminal acts against S.H.I.E.L.D. The team has an ace up their sleeve with the reality altering girl named Kobik from Pleasant Hill in their ranks. Bucky doesn’t see Kobik as a weapon, so he’s taken her into hiding to keep her safe and the world safe from her. There is only one issue with this, she’s on a team of former villains, if anything is being taught to Kobik here it’s that rules are made to be broken. I get that Bucky’s heart is in the right place, but this is like teaching a child how to steal a car or rob a bank. It’s all the right things to do in Bucky’s eyes, but by the end of this first issue I can see that Kobik is more dangerous than everyone thought. The story is well done with an old favorite team brought back under new management. With Kobik tossed into the team, and Bucky calling the shots, I can’t help wanting to keep reading, but I will say that Bucky being on the team should be a clear sign that this comic is not for children, this is not something to toss your kid because they liked Bucky in the Captain America movie.

With Artist Jon Malin on the art I felt like I’ve seen his style before, Malin has a distinct technique and after several minutes of it bothering me, I looked up past comics he had drawn. It hit me as soon as I saw the name, “Youngblood”, I was into that comic and enjoyed the art. I know Malin will bring great things to this series, especially when things get too be more violent and dramatic.

I’ve removed several comics from my monthly reading list recently because they were not keeping me interested anymore and I have added a lot of independent comics. There is so much to want and read, but there is just never enough time. After Pleasant Hill, I was curious what happened to Kobik and in time I think this cosmic child will either make the future better or bring a level of destruction that we saw during M-Day.   Liking Kobik, liking this team of characters, and loving the art makes this a must read addition to my reading list.

Reviewed by: Adam Brunell
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