Justice League #50 (DC)



Rating: 5/5 – An Amazing End to the Darkseid War.
By ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

Justice League number fifty ends the Darkseid War in a truly satisfying way, capping off one of my favorite Justice League stories in quite some time. This is the tenth and final part of the story that also had a special one-shot that went deep into Grail’s origin, as well as multiple one-shots depicting the league’s temporary transformations into gods. All in all it’s been quite the epic and is a fitting end to this fifty issue series (although there’s two more issues left) that started with Darkseid and now ends with Darkseid.

This issue is pricey at $5.99, but for me it was worth it. It’s forty-plus pages full of action, surprises, and is truly a lead into DC’s amazing Rebirth book that’s kicking off a “new” DC Universe. Geoff Johns concludes this epic tale at a fast pace that reveals a surprise on almost every other page, but does feel a bit rushed in the last few pages before leading into a few prologue pages that you see played out in Rebirth. If this and Rebirth are Johns’ farewell for now to the comics writing world (before moving to focus on DC’s movies), he has truly gone out on a high note with an epic ending and beginning for DC’s iconic team.

As strong as Johns’ writing is, Jason Fabok produced some simply stunning and memorable images. A two page splash that has the Justice League flying towards the reader with popular Green Lantern Corps members flanking their sides, a single splash page that shows Grail standing next to her twice as large and taller father Darkseid, and panel after panel of gorgeous storytelling with Wonder Woman at the forefront.  Fabok has established himself as one of DC’s go-to artists and here he pours everything he has into this oversized issue packed with details and destruction.

Justice League number fifty is an absolute must read book for DC fans that combines the best of DC’s most iconic heroes with arguably some of its best talent. This is a storyline that I can’t wait to read again as a complete tale in one single sitting. Much like Rebirth, this issue exceeded my expectations and has me excited for this team to embark on their new journey in the Rebirth era!

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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2 Responses to Justice League #50 (DC)

  1. Brad Barnes says:

    I agree that Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok landed the Mobius Chair in fine style with Justice League #50! Grail is an antagonist who bridges Thymescira and the Fourth World magnificently: she is easily the element which makes the Darkseid War canon in the DCU. Oh, the possibilities… 😀

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