Green Lanterns #1 (DC)

Green Lanterns


Rating: 4.5/5 – The Focus is on Two ‘Green’ Green Lanterns
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Brunell

I didn’t intend to get on the DC Universe Rebirth wagon. I buy Injustice volumes, but I walked away from the New 52 Batman after the 4th collected edition, and I haven’t been into a Green Lantern comic since the Blackest Night series. This week Green Lanterns #1 was released and it was the first title of DC’s Rebirth titles that I’ve grabbed. As I stood in my local comic shop buying this issue, I was asked by my local comic shop representative if I would like to have this series put aside for me. I stood there and hesitated, I’ve never subscribed to a DC title before. I looked up as the clerk is waiting for my answer and said “Yes”. I told myself that if I don’t like the comic then I can always cancel, but if I love it this will be my first true devotion to a DC comic.

I’m going to try to avoid spoilers, but this whole comic is one spoiler after another, so I’m sorry if some slip in. We have 2 new Green Lanterns on Earth; they are completely green in every way. They really don’t know the full strength of their rings or what their full potential is. The world is looking for senior Green Lantern Corps members to assist in world issues, but what they are getting is Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz. I’ve got that Simon Baz is an ex criminal, possibly wrongly accused [Editor Note: Yes, Simon Baz is NOT a criminal and was wrongly accused]. As for Jessica Cruz, I’m still trying to get a little bit more information on her, Simon doesn’t trust her, or he just doesn’t think she can cut it as a Green Lantern; Jessica comes across like she easily can panic under pressure and Simon knows it.

In this issue the Hell Tower has risen and war is in the air; the two rookies are about to feel the rage around them. The Red Lanterns are trying to get back in business and the Hell Tower will help in making that happen. The fresh Green Lanterns may be in over their heads, the last time I was this drawn in and interested in the Green Lantern series was Blackest Night. Writer Sam Humphries is co-writing this issue with Geoff Johns; over the last couple of years Humphries pulled me into both the short lived Uncanny X-Force series and The Black Vortex crossover at Marvel. Humphries writing allows me to follow the story without having to go back to understand what is going on. Everything is straightforward and crisp. Humphries and Johns have written some of my favorite comics, so I was not surprised that this comic is pure gold for me. The writing is intense with mystery and heavy emotion all around.  Robson Rocha’s art is clean and powerful; some of the panels are so well done that I could imagine them being expanded into 2 page spreads.

While I normally hate jumping into anything when it’s been playing for a while, I’m glad I could honestly jump onto Green Lanterns #1 for the ride.  The Red Lanterns elements in the story left me wondering if I should have jumped on the wagon earlier (and if so, exactly when).  I’m glad I added this title to my pull list, for $2.99 it is money well spent. This leaves me curious about the other Rebirth titles and if I should be trying other titles something else on the lineup [Editor Note: That’s the general feeling DC was going for with Rebirth!  Try some other titles and see if you like them]. Whether I try another Rebirth title or not, I’m hoping this series keeps me as excited moving forward as I was for this first issue.

Reviewed by: Adam Brunell
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