The Beauty #8 (Image)



Rating: 4/5 – Hoping for a Return to the Main Storyline.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Brunell

I jumped on this comic series because I had heard good things from the comic book community. The comic is written by Jeremy Haun and Jason A. Hurley,  with Brett Wedele on art. To me has a very similar feel to Y: The Last Man, while being completely different.  Instead of the post-apocalyptic setting caused by the virus in Y, here we get political corruption, corporate control, and conspiracy as a result of a virus.  The series has all the right elements to make a top notch comic.

Diving into The Beauty a little late I was able to get caught up because of the long gap between issues 6 and 7, when the creative team took a breather between story arcs. All the way to issue 6 it was the same story, the virus is killing people and we need to know why and how to stop it. A cure is made, but the scientists were murdered and the only living person with the cure in them got away. Now things have changed, or at least the story has taken a turn. The story went from stopping the virus and creating a cure, to showing ordinary people who either have the virus, want the virus, or are purposely trying to get the virus (and why). Issue 8 drops us into the life of a woman who is a trained killer for hire. The comic goes into her life story of how she became who she is, and then carries on from there.  The way the issue ends I expect it will continue the story into the next issue, but the last issue did the same thing and it didn’t continue this issue. From issue 1 through 6 I was hooked, and now I’m drifting away after 2 issues where I cannot see how they tie into the overall story.

The art on The Beauty is great, both Haun’s in the 1st arc and Wedele’s currently.  The dialogue is great, the concept is brilliant, but the story has started jumping around a bit too much for me. I hope the series will steer back in the direction of the core story, most comics like this d0 after a few short interludes. I’ll hold out, because I hate having a missing issue in the collection during a series, and I have faith that things will back on track soon.  [Editor’s Note: Haun replied via Twitter that Ezerae’s story will continue throughout this arc, so fear not, Adam]

Reviewed by: Adam Brunell
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  1. From what I understand from some interviews I’ve read, the first arc #1-6 is self containing, issue #7 was just a standalone issue, and the second self contained continuing arc is starting now with issue #8. Who knows if the 1st and second arc will cross over in the future, but that would be cool! Also Brett Weldele is doing the art for this new arc, with Haun just co-writing the story and doing the covers now.

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