Generation Zero #1 (Valiant)


CREDIT: Valiant Comics

Rating: 4.5/5 – A New Generation of Heroes for Valiant.
By ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

I started reading the Valiant books when the company relaunched in 2012. At first I was definitely into all their books, but slowly I became a bit more disinterested and stopped reading the majority of their titles. Then the Divinity series came along and that’s where I jumped back in. And I really jumped back in by going back and purchasing most of the back issues I missed, and there was a lot. I’m finally almost current on the Valiant books, but I decided to put the first issue of the all new series Generation Zero on the top of my reading stack and I’m glad I did! It’s a fantastic first issue.

Writer Fred Van Lente picks up the story of the children of an experimental strike team called Generation Zero were taken by long time Valiant organization Project Rising Spirit. They were trained to be psychic soldiers and on the first page we see caption boxes with each of those now teenagers. The story quickly jumps to the main character of the story though, Keisha Sherman and she is the star of the book not only in page count, but in character as well. Van Lente has created a new character that’s extremely likable and interesting and a character who you want to follow. We meet her as she’s falling in love with her boyfriend who then suddenly and mysteriously disappears. Who does she turn to? A mysterious group of heroes on the internet called Generation Zero.

Although we don’t get to see too much of the Generation Zero heroes, Keisha’s journey to discover what happened to her boyfriend was enough to get me hooked and the art by Francis Portela is fantastic. His character designs are realistic and grounded, but he still throws in some crazy designs towards the end that shows that this book will keep me guessing on what’s coming next, not only in terms of the writing, but artistically as well, much like Van Lente’s previous TimeWalker series. Generation Zero looks to be so far, another hit for Valiant and as I get caught up on the rest of their line, I can see this book continuing to head towards the top of the stack.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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