Dejah Thoris #6 (Dynamite)


CREDIT: Dynamite

Rating: 5/5 – Dejah Thoris, Possibly Not a True Princess of Mars.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Brunell

When I last reviewed this series at the second issue, I found a couple of confusing story points and art details. I kept going with this series, and I’m glad I did.  After #2, things got clearer which made the story a more captivating read for me.

Writer Frank Barbiere’s story is political, especially for Dejah Thoris. She was brought forth as not a true princess of Helium, but that she was adopted. The story progressed from issue #2 with Dejah escaping Helium and joining the people’s militia as a soldier, where she learns combat and survival skills. She ends up leading a team of the most dangerous people in the militia, and it shows just how good of a leader she can be. No leader is without their flaws, Dejah lets her emotions get the best of her which results in being captured and her team almost killed. Through great planning and fighting skills she was able to free her team and go forward with her search for answers. In this issue #6, the battle has moved to Helium where a revolution has started. Councilman Valoris has taken over Helium and wants it burned to the ground, where a new government and city will be built. John Carter, teamed with Dejah’s soldiers of misfortune, enters the capital and doesn’t seem to have to fight very much to get where they need to be. Dejah ends up confronting Valoris,  but if you want to know what happens and why, I would recommend picking up issues 1 thru 5 because I’m not going to spoil it.  The reason for the whole series so far is quite controversial and Dejah’s thoughts in the end are just speculation.

Francesco Manna’s art was very crisp and well done, with excellent page/panel layout and design. Every stance and angle was intense and I had wished the comic was bigger so Manna could have had more room to tell the story. I feel when some artists are limited on space and pages, they have to compromise and cut things out that otherwise might be added, it would have been interesting to see what could have been done with the action in this issue had there been more space.

This 6 issue series is over and I’m curious if Barbiere will be coming back. I hope this story continues at some point, Dejah Thoris needs answers to who she really is, and sweeping the events of this story under the rug would be a mistake, in my opinion. Some things we dwell on as people, being possibly adopted, unsure of your true parentage, is something that deserves to be dwelt upon. The ending was good, it left me wanting more, and I hope Dynamite gives us more of Dejah Thoris continuing this tale soon.

Reviewed by: Adam Brunell
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