Demonic #1 (Image/Skybound)


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Rating: 3/5 – Potential is There to Transcend the Tired Tropes in This Issue
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Howard Woolfolk.

Generally when I pick a new series, there has to be something that draws me in. Be it the writer, artist, or concept.  I’ve even bought books based on solely on the fact that I thought the cover looked cool. Demonic was new to me. I am not familiar with the work of writer Christopher Sebela or artist Niko Walter nor was the cover something that necessarily grabbed my attention. I picked this one up based on a little blurb I read somewhere online. Plus, I love horror and I thought this one might hold my attention.

I will try not to give too much away, but quite frankly there really was not too much revealed in this issue to begin with. It read very fast and didn’t have too many compelling moments. Everything in the book was far too predictable. For one, the male/female cop partnership, as soon as I saw this my first thought was, “I bet they’ve slept together”. There was also the all too famous cop and wife marital drama. Sick/dying child, deal with the devil, etc. There wasn’t anything here that I had not seen done before. Then, to top things off, the main character Scott being turned into some costumed character that was a cross between Azrael and Wolverine. I think it would have been better to leave the costume off. For a horror story, it’s not needed, especially this story. The demon was a little bland to me, but she did have her moments. If done right she has the potential to be quite creepy, which is what you hope for with this kind of character.

For all that I found wrong with this issue, one thing will get me to buy at least the next few issues. They spoke of a character called Novo several times in this issue, but didn’t really get much deeper into it. That was smart because, at least in my case, what they alluded to  intrigued me enough to get me to keep reading so I can find out more about this character. If nothing else, Sebela has me on the leash for at least 2 more issues. If what I’m expecting about Novo is true, I’ll continue with this series. If not, I’ll have to look elsewhere for my horror fix.

Reviewed by: Howard Woolfolk
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2 Responses to Demonic #1 (Image/Skybound)

  1. Christopher Michael Robinson says:

    Thank you Howard Woolfolk for the great review! I’m a huge fan of horror and was intrigued by the title, cover and premise of Demonic #1. Like you, if the ingredients for a good scary tale are present, then I’m all in, but horror in general has been really lack luster over the past few years (The Conjuring being the exception). I’ll give Demonic a shot, and see where it goes. Thanks!!

  2. Howard Woolfolk says:

    Glad you enjoyed the review.. Definitely give it a shot and feel free to let me know what you thought.

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