Seven To Eternity #1 (Image)



Rating: 4/5 – Visuals, Characters and Story Potential Make For A Very Exciting Read.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Howard Woolfolk

First off let me say that there was once a time when I bought a book based solely on who the artist was. I never worried much about the story or anything else. I, like most my friends, was more into style than actual substance. As I’ve gotten older I have flip flopped positions, now wanting more story than eye catching art.

I knew absolutely nothing about this title a few weeks ago, then I saw the cover that looked like a movie poster and sure enough, I was hooked. Not knowing or even wanting to know the story, I didn’t try to find out too much about it. I wanted to be surprised. Another thing it had going for it was that I enjoyed past work by series creators Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña.

The book starts off fast paced, which to me for these types of stories is a good thing. One thing I instantly noticed is that this title is filled with very interesting looking characters, creatures and weaponry.  The story opens on a hunt with Adam and Katie Osidis. I will not reveal too much to spoil anything but let’s just say that I can see that Katie is going to most likely play a huge role in this story before it’s all over. She instantly became my favorite character with a cool look, attitude, and interesting choice of weaponry.  The meat of the story lies with Zebadiah Osidis, the family patriarch, refusing to listen to an offer made by the “Mud King”. But they never allude to what the offer actually is, and that’s a good thing for now. The next several pages have a lot of beautiful imagery and a pretty decent battle sequence before the story slows down tremendously which is good considering how fast it started.  Even with the pace of the book slowing down, I was drawn in by the overall beauty of the artwork.

There isn’t a lot going on in the issue, 3 basic scenes and a reveal at the end, that’s really it. There’s enough there for me visually and in the story and character setup to get me coming back for future issues. Katie, who didn’t get much time in this first issue is intriguing enough for me to actually care about as a character, and the same for Adam. But really, the main thing I want to know is “What does the Mud King have to offer?”  It’s enough to get me to come back!

Reviewed by: Howard Woolfolk
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