Venom #1 (2106) (Marvel)


CREDIT: Marvel

Rating: 4/5 – Venom back into the darkness
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Brunell

For some time now the symbiote known as Venom has been attached to Flash Thompson. Throughout Flash’s time with the symbiote it has been revealed that the Symbiote species is from a planet and the symbiotes are actually civilized and not as destructive as they have been portrayed since the late 1980s. To get everyone up to speed, Flash Thompson joined the Guardians of the Galaxy and also became a Space Knight. The symbiote known as Venom found peace and healing while attached to Flash, but that is all about to change.

The last known attachment between Flash Thompson and Venom had come to an end when the Guardians of the Galaxy ended up stranded on Earth. For any further information on this, you can get a good idea of what happened from either the Civil War II or Guardians of the Galaxy comics. Flash leaves Venom in a chamber and the symbiote is no longer in his care. Somehow, Venom gets out.  How this happens is not explained in this recent issue of Venom, but he’s out and looking for a new host. Venom finds his way to Lee Price, an ex-military man that comes across as the strong silent type that just wants to make some money because of being put into bad situations of poor luck. Writer Mike Costa brings a rational dialogue to the symbiote, bringing full on conversations between the main character Lee Price and Venom.

In the past we would see Venom taking over the host and have a thirst for blood and death, until Flash Thompson cleared Venom of his negative desires and turned him into a hero. With this new story for Marvel Now, Venom is being brought back to his bad roots, but it’s not Venom who is lashing out of control. Instead of making the symbiote the parasite to take over its host, Costa has made Venom the victim. The story is dark and regardless of Venom’s recent cleansing with Flash Thompson, the new host just may be more than Venom wanted to latch onto. To bring Venom into this new environment is Artist Gerardo Sandoval, and it’s well seen throughout each panel. Sandoval brings Venom into Lee Price’s chaotic and dark environment. You can see within the first couple of panels that things aren’t going to be so clean and bright, but Sandoval is bringing Venom to a dark place and it looks fantastic.

I’m not a heavy follower of Venom, but I’m up to speed on Venom’s recent situation because I follow the Guardians of the Galaxy comics. I’m not sure if this new direction will turn out good or not, it seems that Venom is going backwards instead of forward. Venom has come a long way and has gone through a deep detox on his home planet to wipe the years of corruption from evil or psychotic hosts. It seems that Marvel has a plan to bring Venom back to his darker image once again.  With Sandoval and Costa teaming up to bring Venom back to that darker state I think things will run well.

Reviewed by: Adam Brunell
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