Civil War II #7 (Marvel)


CREDIT: Marvel

Rating: 3/5 – I’m Ready for This Event to be Over.
By ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

It’s tough to review the latest issue of Marvel’s big event Civil War II as just a single issue without commenting on the series itself. Civil War II has been plagued by delays which has caused many of the current Marvel titles and brand new series to be spoiled, albeit without details, many of the big changes and outcomes that we’ve yet to see. For example, over in Infamous Iron Man we know that Dr. Doom has taken over the role of Iron Man since Tony is no longer around, we just don’t know exactly why he’s gone just yet. This seventh issue of Civil War II gives us the beginning of the explanation, but it’s an explanation that feels much too long in its set up and with mixed duties on the art, even though only David Marquez’s name is on the cover it feels as though Marvel had to make more changes to the storytelling and visual vision to get this issue out when they did.

As mentioned above, David Marquez has been the main artist on this series and while his art takes up about half of this issue, Andrea Sorrentino’s art makes up for the other half. Although Sorrentino’s art is pretty to look at, his sequence feels padded and to be honest, because of the long delays it makes me wonder if this portion of the story was written and extended specifically for Sorrentino. The series itself was originally scheduled to be 7 issues, and then expanded to an 8th, so this could be extra padding that was not in the original plan. During this portion of the story rather than “seeing” a vision of the future, Ulysses is transported to a future where he learns a key bit of information that’s crucial to this story’s conclusion. Not only did this sequence feel as though it could have been better served in one or two pages, it also took away from the more interesting part of the story, the confrontation that has been building between Carol Danvers and Tony Stark.

Unfortunately, the confrontation between Danvers and Stark feels much too short as writer Brian Michael Bendis spends too much time with Ulysses’ trip to the future and an underwhelming meeting between Captain America and Spider-Man. Ultimately, this issue fails to deliver until the final pages and while it looks as though the upcoming final issue may give us plenty of the missing details to questions we already know, I’ve lost much of the motivation to care. To me this event has gone on much too long and at $4.99 per issue, the extra issue stings just a bit more. I’m hoping for an amazing conclusion that can get me excited for the current series coming out now, and although I enjoy Sorrentino’s art, hopefully David Marquez can deliver a conclusion that’s exciting and memorable.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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