Savage #1 (Valiant)


CREDIT: Valiant

Rating: 5/5 – Great Debut for a New Dinosaur Hunter from Valiant!
By ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

The first issue of Savage from Valiant does a whole lot right! It introduces us to a brand new character and gives us the first parts of his origin. It’s beautifully drawn by two artists that go back and forth between the present day and the not too far past, with both art styles perfect for their specific setting. It’s also as a first issue should be, perfectly accessible to a new reader not only of this particular series, but of any Valiant comic. Savage, like Britannia before it can be enjoyed all its own without knowing anything about the history or current happenings of the Valiant Universe.

Writer B. Clay Moore does a wonderful job of balancing the action and the origin of this Valiant’s version of Turok. I don’t think it’s a stretch to point out the obvious similarities between this character and the 1990s Valiant version of the licensed character. They both are somewhat savage (no pun intended) characters that are on an island full of dinosaurs. Where B. Clay Moore takes us in a different direction though is that Savage’s parents are explored just as much as Savage himself. Their relationship is complex and is just as interesting as the dangers on the island full of dinosaurs.

The art by Lewis LaRosa is stunning and he really steals the show in this first issue. It’s not just the dinosaurs that make his art so beautiful, but it’s Savage and the action sequences between the two that draw you in. The first page is probably the best page of the book, setting the tone with Savage perched upon a tree high above the jungle floor. Within the one page we see a far shot of Savage planning his moves, as well as a close up of his heavily scarred face. It’s a brilliant page that tells you so much about Savage himself, and the world he’s a part of.  Clayton Henry provides the art taking place in the past and while it’s a very clean style when compared to LaRosa’s, it still works.

Much like Valiant’s other high profile titles, this book has a heavy cardstock cover and eight pages of commentary that definitely made me feel as though I got my moneys worth! If you’ve been afraid to jump into Valiant, Savage is definitely a book that makes it easier than ever before. It stands all on its own and although I hope he eventually interacts with the rest of Valiant’s Universe, right now, his isolation from the rest is allowing him to stand out even more!

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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