Hulk #1 (Marvel)

CREDIT: Marvel

Rating: 4/5 – She-Hulk is Now “The” Hulk.
By ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

Marvel has continued their releases of either all new series or all new storylines coming out of the second Civil War event. This week we saw the release of an all new Hulk series, this time with Jennifer Walters as the green hero. If you haven’t been staying up to date with the events of Civil War then beware of spoilers (but it’s been a few months since this happened and these events are recapped on this issue’s opening credits page).  She Hulk was seriously injured during a fight with Thanos at the beginning of Civil War II and Bruce Banner was killed by Hawkeye during the event.

All of this has caused a change, Jennifer Walters to not be the same She-Hulk she was and who readers of the character have previously known. She’s now less in control of the monster than she’s ever been and where before she was able to control her changes, or be permanently in She-Hulk form, she’s now similar to Bruce Banner in that the anger and stress now painfully transforms her into the green monster. In this premiere issue we see her watching cooking shows to calm herself down in order to keep the monster at bay, while at the same time starting a new job at a law firm taking on a bunch of new and strange clients.

Writer Mariko Tamaki does a nice job of balancing two different story tones in this first issue, one being the dark struggle of Jennifer controlling the monster, and the other with Jennifer balancing a new job and workload. I’m not sure which tone will win out in the long run over the course of this series, but so far I’m really enjoying the two sides of this story. As far as the art goes by Nico Leon, it definitely works, but his drawing of Jennifer differs from some panels to others so there is a bit of a lack of consistency. Overall I was pleased with the art and felt as though it was a good choice for the story. I’m intrigued with this new Hulk series and although I do miss Banner as Hulk, just like Amadeus Cho before this, I’m willing to give this new Hulk series a chance.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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