Dark Nights: Metal #1 (DC)


Rating: 5/5 – DC Fans Should Rejoice in Metal
by ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas

So far, the Dark Nights: Metal events is everything that I love about DC Comics and their multiverse! Tons of characters, complicated but fun continuity, and universe threatening villains and dangers that combine it all together is so far what Metal is all about. This is DC’s big event that will span the course of twenty-five comics that include the main series, one-shots and a few tie-ins that will eventually wrap up in early 2018. Metal also reunites writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo after their short break apart while Greg worked on his and Mark Millars’ creator owned Image book, Reborn.

If you haven’t read The Forge or The Casting, the two one-shots that kicked off this event, then I’d suggest you do so. Those two books are required reading to enjoy this first issue, in addition to being some really great and dense reads. Those two issues lay the foundation and set up the mysteries of this event, while introducing many of the characters that will play a pivotal role, from of course Batman and the Justice League, to smaller characters like Plastic Man and the Challengers of the Unknown. This first issue opens up though with Capullo and Snyder having some fun before diving into all the seriousness.

The Justice League are trapped by Mongul on a new War World. They’re fighting gladiator style against giant robots created by the Toyman, who’s also been captured by Mongul. It’s all for fun and allows Capullo to let loose! It’s a nice palette cleanser after the last two one-shots and brings Capullo back to DC in style before getting to the credits page, and diving into the main storyline of the event.

The Challengers Mountain has appeared in Gotham City. When the Justice League investigate, we’re given a few pages of exposition in the hopes of trying to catch us up on the story so far. While it does a fine job, there are still plenty of details from The Casting and The Forge that a new reader will have to go back to. Without getting into any spoilers though, Snyder does a great job of referencing how the DC multiverse is laid out which Morrison fans will love, and reintroduces us to a character that has been missing from Rebirth, while also acknowledging DC’s history and what we know is coming with DC’s Doomsday Clock event.

There’s definitely a lot to absorb here and readers unfamiliar with DC’s history may be lost in the second half of this issue. But for fans of everything mentioned above, this, like the two issues that preceded it was a joy to read. My only complaint would be the cover. While I enjoy the metallic sheen, which when compared to Marvel’s Generations event (also priced at $4.99) is a nice bonus, the actual cover design and logo falls flat for me. But after all, it’s what’s inside the comic that counts and I found every page, including the last page shocker to be worth every single penny!

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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