Generations: All-New Wolverine & Wolverine #1 (Marvel)


Rating: 4.5/5 – Double the Berserker Rage With 2 Wolverines!
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Brunell

Keeping up with the Generations comics can be a little confusing, they are one shot comics with no real explanation as to why the events portrayed are happening, but that doesn’t mean the stories aren’t good. Take Generations: All-New Wolverine & Wolverine for instance, it delivers something that was brought up during writer Tim Seeley’s “Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy” when the story focused on Laura. The comic gives something that has been mentioned a lot since Wolverine died.  The same thing that the clone / daughter of Wolverine wanted so much, closure.

Writer Tom Taylor and Artist Ramon Rosanas’ start off the comic with intensity – Wolverine is fighting The Hand and he’s losing. Wolverine is wearing his famous yellow and blues, and he mentions during the fight that he’s looking for Amiko Kobayashi. This very situation appears to be during the “Once Upon a Time in Little Tokyo” series from 1996. If this is the timeframe then that was during Wolverines bandana mask days, so this moment isn’t exactly as it was back then, but some people may like the idea of the bandana look being lost in time. Besides the possible costume miscast it’s an interesting part of Wolverine’s history to revisit. Rosanas’ art is something to be proud of, making every page of this moment in time something to put in the Wolverine history books. Though the detail in fighting and characters from 1996 are pretty interesting, things get more interesting when the All-New Wolverine shows up. Unlike the previous Generations comics being released, Laura knows where she is, and she isn’t questioning why or how she got there right now. She appears in the shadows as her ‘father’ is being taken down, and it takes only seconds for her to even the odds. Though the action moments keep things interesting, it has one thing that the previous Generations titles have not had: the lack of consideration for the past.  Hulk and Jean Grey both had the attitude of keeping things as they should be and not interfering with time. Laura on the other hand doesn’t care and is taking the time to give Wolverine a lesson in life. The ending gives Laura the closure she’s needed, and though Wolverine has never been one to take good advice from anyone, he takes it from Laura with a smile and a hug.

Taylor writes dialogue like it’s coming from his soul; he’s delivering every ounce of what Wolverine fans want and remember. He is delivering the goods and Rosanas is dropping the art to keep things just as energetic. Colorist Nolan Woodard supplies deep colors to give the art a real 1996 Wolverine comic feel, making this comic thoroughly enjoyable.

The moment in time explored in this issue was a big one for Logan and with Laura’s help, while she may have not changed his fate, she did change a major part in his life. With Laura’s help this one single time of doing something different will hopefully impact Amiko Kobayashi’s life in a positive way. I doubt this event will make any impact in the ongoing All-New Wolverine series, but I hope that what Laura did for Amiko changes history in some way that is shown in the Marvel Universe in an upcoming story.

Reviewed by: Adam Brunell
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