Arise #1 & 2 (Satyrn Studios)

Arise #1

If you like Zombie comics, keep an eye out for Arise #1 (Satyrn Studios) in back issue bins.  This was supposed to be a 6 issue series but only 3 issues came out back in 2016.  The Publisher’s web-page is no longer active, but they do have a Facebook page where they are talking about selling ad space for Arise #4 thru 6.

I can only recommend #1, which has art by Vince Locke  who is best known for the 1990s indie zombie comic ‘Deadworld’ as well as ‘A History of Violence’ from Paradox Press and later reprinted by Vertigo (subsequently made into a film starring Viggo Mortensen).

It’s a fairly standard zombie outbreak story, but I liked seeing Locke’s art again.  The ending really set me up to look forward to the next issue, unfortunately Locke only did #1 and the artist on #2 and #3 (James Whynot) should be a case study for atrocious art.  Anyone who decides they want to call any comic art “bad” should be required to look at Arise #2 and then criticize any other comic book art taking into account that Arise #2’s art exists as well.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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