Conceptual Funnies #1 (Bad Idea)

e-mail from “Bad Idea”

Rating: 0/5* – Completely lacking in story/substance (see last paragraph for qualifier)
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall.

The “best comic company many fans have never heard of” has jumped the shark with its issuance of the world’s first Invisible comic book, Conceptual Funnies #1… the 1st comic I will review and rate as a 0/5 “Zero out of 5 stars” since it only exists as a marketing jape.

For more info, you can read this story on Bleeding cool, I’ll summarize here:

Bad Idea was formed by various founding members forced out of the latest incarnation of Valiant Comics, including Dinesh Shamdasani. They have been distributing their comics direct to a select group of 200 or so comics retailers, bypassing the normal comics distribution channel of Diamond/Lunar/Penguin. In general they have been putting out some high quality, if pricey, comics, with talent like Matt Kindt, Robert Venditti, David Lapham, Marguerite Bennett, and more.

They have thumbed their nose at the comics establishment in a variety of ways and have had promotions for their customers ranging from “mail-in” comics (theoretically available only through the mail-in offer) to offers where loyal fans could buy a rock with “Bad Idea” painted on it for about ten bucks.

Now they have teamed up with CGC to slab 34 pieces of clear acetate that they are calling the world’s first invisible comic. Not the silliest thing, I suppose, since you cannot read ANY comic that is in a CGC slab, so it may as well be a piece of clear acetate..but you can usually at least look at the cover like it’s a poster. This one they are offering 5 “mega fans” (aka complete idiots) the chance to buy one of these for $1000 (or more). I’ll be really curious about who has the spare money to throw away…and if 5 people actually send these guys $1000 for this curiosity. Thinking about this more… I see the meta-commentary on the practice of slabbing as fairly humorous. Upon reflection, part of the commentary they are making on the practice of slabbing is attaching a ludicrous price tag to this since many otherwise questionably valuable comics raise in price an insane amount just by putting them in a slab with a 9.8 on it.

In any event… purely on the basis of the observed writing and art in this comic/”not really a comic”, it has to get a zero for being completely lacking in story/substance, though it would get a 5/5 for being a wry commentary on the industry practice of arbitrarily placing a sometimes insanely increased value on anything that is slabbed.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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