About ComicSpectrum

Comic Spectrum is a site all about comics.  It is written by fans of comics and is targeted at fans of comics.  We’re not trying to sell anything and do not solicit ad revenue.

We’ve been reading comics for over 45 years. We have read over 100,000 comics across all genres and from every publisher. There are more to comics than just super-heroes (though super-heroes are fun and an entry point for many readers).

We want to spread the word that comics are still fun and that there are comics out there for everyone to enjoy. We spotlight comics in and beyond the super-hero genre. We love ALL kinds of comics!  We love to review comics so we can help point people at new comics they may love!

We have a lot of regularly updated Blog commentary here on WordPress as well as our ComicSpectrum website that collects all those Blogs as well as lots of additional information resourcing about buying comics, collecting comics, collecting original art, and more!

http://comicspectrum.com/ By Fans who Love Comics For Fans who Love Comics


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