ComicSpectrum Blog List

We have separated our Blogs by topic for all the different areas of comics and pop culture we cover.

News:  Certainly not exhaustive, but news that catches Bob’s eye and he wants to make sure gets wider notice.
Bob’s Blog: Bob’s occasional musings about comics and/or comic culture.
20 Word Interviews: Getting to know comic creators in 5 questions answered in 20 total words.
Anime/Animation Reviews: Reviews of Anime & Animation
Back Issue Reviews: Reviews of comics that are 5+ years old
Collected Edition Reviews: Reviews of collected editions, often called TPBs (or Trade Paperbacks)
Comic of the Week: Bob picks a comic each week to spotlight.  It’s what he’s looking forward to the most.
Comic Reviews: A wide variety of comic book reviews from the ComicSpectrum staff covering many publishers and genres.
Crowdsourcing Recommendations: Campaigns (usually Kickstarter) that someone from the ComicSpectrum staff is personally backing.  If we tell you about it, we are putting our money where our mouth is.
Digital Comic Reviews: Reviews of comics published digital only or digital first.  We became aware of and read these electronically.
Free Comics: Here we point out comics that are available on-line for free.  Usually a good opportunity to check out a series or creator at no cost.
Manga Reviews: Reviews of current and classic manga series, generally in tankōbon format.  We do not review or link to pirated downloads.
Movie Reviews: Generally new movies in theatrical release, but sometime direct-to-video releases or classics available on DVD/Blu-Ray/Netflix/etc.
TV Reviews: Reviews of current (and historic) shows that can be found on broadcast TV, cable, Hulu, the internet, etc.
Video Game Reviews: Coverage of games available on a variety of platforms, from your computer, to console gaming, to handhelds, or your smartphone.
Webcomic Reviews: Reviews of web-comics that anyone can read for free on the internet!

Collection Blogs:
Collecting Doc Savage: Documenting Bob’s collection of Doc Savage books, comics & ephemera.

Also check out the ComicSpectrum website for additional info on buying comics, collecting original art, attending comic conventions, and more….. By Fans who Love Comics For Fans who Love Comics


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