Harbinger #6 (Valiant)


Rating: 5 / 5 – Must Read!!

I’ve been loving everything from the relaunched Valiant Universe but Harbinger #6 stood out from the rest of their books.  Previously Archer & Armstrong was my favorite, but Harbinger leap-frogged A&A into my #1 slot with issue #6.
This is a new story arc (Renegades) and starts off with a great summary of what happened in #1-5 on the inside of the front cover.  That makes this book a perfect jumping on point, you can pick it up & get right into the story.  And what a story, after almost dying at the hands of Harada, Pete Stanchek is badly wounded & the person he turns to is his childhood “love” Kris (well, he kind of ‘pushed’ her to make her love him, so she doesn’t like Pete very much).  In any event, the storytelling that brings Kris into the fabric of the narrative are superbly handled by Josh Dysart, this issue really resonated with me.
If you like stories with heroic struggles of good vs. evil (even if which is which is still a bit unclear) give this series, and the rest of the Valiant line, a try.
You won’t be sorry you did.

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