Green Lantern #21 (DC)


Rating:  4/5 – A new direction for Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns

Green Lantern fans have been on quite a ride lately.  Geoff Johns’ wrapped up his seminal run on Green Lantern with a bang in issue 20 after close to a decade on the title.  Johns’ run included major Green Lantern arcs such as Rebirth, The Sinestro Corps War, Blackest Night, Brightest Day and finished off with a war against the first lantern.  Johns left his mark on a title like few have in the modern comic era.  The new creative team has the unenviable task of following it up with something of similar quality and appeal.

Robert Venditti (writer), Billy Tan (penciller), Richard Friend (inker) and Alex Sinclair and Tony Avina (colorists) are the new creative team on Green Lantern.  Venditti is known for his independent works: The Surrogates which was turned into a motion picture starring Bruce Willis, and The Homeland Directive.  He also recently penned the very successful relaunch of X-O Manowar at Valiant and took over DC’s Demon Knights with issue #16.  Many readers will see a turnover on the creative side of a book as a chance to jump off but I always like to wait and see.  You never know what type of creativity can come from a fresh take on a character or team.

Green Lantern #21 jumps the reader right into the thick of things.  It is the near future and a group of Green Lanterns are in the middle of an extended battle that is draining their power rings.  One thing I like about the issue is that Hal Jordan is front and center in the book.  Venditti has put Hal directly in the middle of the Green Lantern universe by charging him with leading the Corps.  Hal has not changed his brash ways even with that large of a responsibility looming over him and this is going to lead to some interesting situations unless he gets his old “Highball” tactics in check.

This issue has action throughout in addition to some key developments that will affect Hal both personally and as a Green Lantern.  It was a nice way for the new creative team to establish their direction for the book.  Much like in sports when a new coach replaces a Hall of Fame one after they step down, there are big shoes to fill with the Green Lantern title.  Geoff Johns revitalized the Green Lantern title and added to the mythos, no one can deny that.  But if Green Lantern #21 is any indication, the new creative team has a wild ride in store for Green Lantern fans that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

Reviewed by: Jeff Bouchard –
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