Wild Blue Yonder #1 (IDW Publishing)


Rating:  4.5/5 – A post-apocalyptic story that soars above the competition

Post-Apocalyptic stories are popular nowadays and one does not need to look far to find zombies, nuclear fallout or natural disasters pushing the remaining inhabitants of Earth to their brink.  It is always refreshing to read a comic with a new take on a popular genre and Wild Blue Yonder #1 from IDW Publishing delivers in this regard.

The story, created by Mike Raicht, Zach Howard and Austin Harrison, is original and exciting.  There are jetpack warriors, flying aircraft carrier-like machines and dogfights all within the first issue.  The latter most likely a mainstay in a book set in the skies above a world that has been lost to radiation and pollution.  The creative team does not divulge the “when” or the “how” and it really isn’t necessary to know either to enjoy the story. What is revealed throughout the issue is the land has been destroyed to a point where people took to the sky in order to survive.  Those not lucky enough to do so were left to work in the mines to provide energy for the ones above.  There is an ominous figure, Judge, who commands a fleet that rules the skies.  He is bent on controlling everything yet one ship, The Dawn with its unique technologies, remains out of his grasp.  Cola, who pilots one of The Dawn’s planes, is one of the individuals charged with protecting the ship and keeping it out of harm’s way.

Howard and colorist Nelson Daniel compliment the story superbly with their art, vibrantly portraying this downtrodden world and its occupants.  Daniel’s colors jump off the page and make you take notice of the work he is doing on the book.  The double page spread when we first view The Dawn is amazing and he and Howard bring each character in Wild Blue Yonder #1 to life beautifully.

This is a strong first issue that builds a unique and fascinating world in a genre often found in comics. It pulls you in and makes you care about these characters in a short amount of time and sets itself apart from the other post-apocalyptic books on the shelves.   I highly recommend checking out Wild Blue Yonder #1 and I am excited to see where the story goes.

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