X-Men #2 (Marvel)


Rating: 4/5 – An all female X-Men Book that’s a must read for X-Men Fans

“Brian, Oliver and the rest of the crew are packing every panel with everything they’ve got to give you all an awesome story”.  These words were written by the editor in the letters column of issue 2 of X-men and I couldn’t agree more.  This was a jam packed issue that not only provided lots of action, but spent time making you care for these characters both individually and as a team.  This all women cast of the X-Men is working, and surprisingly, it’s made the character of Jubilee positively stand out, which to me is not an easy feat

Issue 2 picks up with “X” villain John Sublime teaming up with this new X-Men team to stop his twin sister Arkea from attempting to kill not only the X-men, but John Sublime himself.  In this issue we’re given more insight into Arkea’s powers and what her motivation is, as well as continuing the more touching side story with Jubilee acting as a parent/guardian to the rescued baby from issue 1.  Writer Brian Wood’s characterization of the team is well balanced, giving each character enough time to shine.  As mentioned above though, Jubilee’s story receives the most time and I feel it’s the strongest part of the book.  Her interactions with the baby are touching and shows a more mature side of Jubilee that we haven’t seen before.

As Bob Bretall talked about in his review for issue 1 (https://comicspectrum.wordpress.com/2013/06/02/x-men-1-marvel/), I do feel that if you’re not an X-Fan this book may be a bit tougher to get into.  Although Arkea’s powers are better described in this issue, if you’re not familiar with Sublime from previous stories, you’re still not sure what he’s all about.  Also add in an Omega Sentinel, a lesser known Rachel Grey and some mutant students from other X-related Books and a new reader could be overwhelmed.  But, if you do have an interest in the X-Men, and an understanding of who most of the main characters of the book are, then this is yet another great X-Book that’s currently being published by Marvel.

I really think that the line-up of Uncanny, All-New and X-Men are better now than they’ve been in years.  Although you may have to have a bit more knowledge of previous X-stories for this particular series, if you do then this new title is a must read.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas – shawn@comicspectrum.com

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1 Response to X-Men #2 (Marvel)

  1. I agree with you that this title is going to work best for X-Men fans. I had comments on my review of #1 from an “X-Men Xpert” who could not conceive of how I could not love the book. I read #2 & again was left kind of cold, but at the same time recognizing that the story was well-crafted, just not for me (I pre-ordered through issue #3).
    I ran the issues by my niece who LOVES Jubilee but is not really a follower of X-Men continuity. She also was left kind of scratching her head, she does not want to follow the series any further.
    I appreciate that this is a GREAT title for X-fans. My lesson learned is to stop trying to wrap my mind around Marvel’s X-books and leave them to the X-perts 🙂 – Bob

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