George R. R. Martin’s The Skin Trade #2 (Avatar)


Rating: 2.5/5 – Werewolf story wrapped inside a police procedural

People are being killed and PI Randi Wade is investigating the crime.  The story takes place in a seedy city that shows the signs of decay from it’s former glory as the crime is investigated.  The problem with the story is the pacing.  What can make a very suspenseful 60-90 minute TV show or movie tends to drag as it’s spread out over multiple issues of a comic book.  This may read better in collected form.

Watching the clues slide together a few per month is agonizing.  We know it’s a werewolf story but we’re getting very little “on screen” werewolf action.  The pieces are all there, but they are coming together very slowly.

This is from a short story by George RR Martin, and I’ll be up front, I never read that story.  I should seek it out, though.  Reading the story in one sitting might be much more satisfying that watching the events play out painstakingly over the course of this series.  Mike Wolfer’s art is competent enough, I just wish Daniel Abraham (doing the adaptation) would play around with the pacing a bit.

I can’t really compare the adaption to the original, I just know that as a monthly comic the pacing leaves something to be desired.  That could be in the source material, but I don’t think the source material was meant to be read in chunks over a 6+ month period, so when doing an adaption to a monthly comics format certain changes should be made to make the source material work better in the new format.  I would not recommend the monthly series at this point, but the eventual collected edition could very well be a good read -or- buy the monthly issues and save them up to read all in a row when the story is complete.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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