Superior Carnage #2 (Marvel)


Rating: 4/5 – This is really a story about long-time villain the Wizard, that’s what makes it enjoyable

After reviewing the first issue of Superior Carnage, I felt that the issue was a bit jumbled in its storytelling and was a bit cliché.  Reading this second issue turned out to be a nice surprise as I found myself enjoying it much more.  In the first issue, the narration and point of view was split between two characters, in this issue although the narration is told through a few characters, it works better and adds to the overall success of the story.

Although this series is called Superior Carnage, so far this is more a story about the Wizard, and that’s what made this issue so enjoyable.  The Wizard is not all there.  He’s mentally unstable and that unstableness is seen first hand by the other two team members he’s recruited, Klaw, and the more obscure Marvel villain Dr. Malus.  I wasn’t sure how the Wizard came to be like this, but writer Kevin Shinick does a great job of informing the reader how it happened, and there’s even an editor’s note that tells you the issue number (oh how I miss those editor notes!).  Like the first issue, they’re still trying to bring Carnage under control to build a more powerful and scary Frightful Four.  And just like in the first issue, their attempts are failing.  Cletus Kasady, after his lobotomy is too far gone and the Wizard is forced to find another way to bring him under control.  In this issue we also get an appearance by the Superior Spider-Man who looks as though he may be running into this new Frightful Four soon.

Stephen Segovia’s art is great when it comes to character drawings and Carnage looks frightening, but as mentioned last time, the locales chosen in this story are pretty boring leaving the backgrounds bland and unexciting. The first issue took place in a prison, this issue takes place in what looks to be an old warehouse.  Not the most exciting environments.

But, this shouldn’t keep you away from this issue.  This mini-series might be turning into something special, and who knew reading a story about the Wizard would be this fun.  I’m now on-board for the remainder of this series and hope the next is as surprisingly good as this one.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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