Infinity: The Hunt #1 (Marvel)


Rating: 2.5.5 – Using the popularity of Infinity to tell an unoriginal story.

Infinity: The Hunt number one looks to capitalize on the big Infinity crossover by including a mini-series that takes a variety of younger characters from Marvel’s big teams like the Avengers, FF, the X-men, and provide them some exposure by using the popularity of the Infinity event.  With that being said, I see the why this series exists.  After reading this first issue, I’m not sure that it should.  I’m a fan of writer Matt Kindt and have been following him on most things that he does, but this is not some of his strongest work.

This issue is almost like a Marvel version of the Hunger Games, but what makes it even less engaging is that Avengers Arena just did this same type of thing, and did it much better.  We’re introduced to a bunch of new characters in this issue ranging from the Pan-Asian School for the Unusually Gifted, to the Wakandan School for Alternative Studies.  The way the characters are introduced though is through a representative from that school flashing their pictures and powers on screen, then moving onto the next.  These intros are mixed in with some humorous commentary from the other students in the assembly, along with lots of guest appearances from the major teams including Wolverine, She Hulk and more.  This issue, rather than telling an engaging story is instead almost like an issue of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe with some witty dialogue scattered in between.

Steven Sanders’ art on this issue is pretty strong, but he doesn’t get a chance to draw these characters in action, so you see a lot of static poses throughout the issue. Except for a pretty cool cut away of Avengers Academy that included a directory with numbers of what each part of the building was (again, like OHOTMU), Sanders doesn’t get to stretch himself until the last page, where the story takes an unforeseen turn that doesn’t necessarily fit in with the rest of the story.  I’m hoping to see how his art is within the next issue, as it looks as though there may be plenty of action.

Overall, a disappointing first issue that you can stay from and not feel like you’re missing an integral piece of the Infinity story.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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