Infinity: Heist #1 (Marvel)

Inf Heist1

Rating: 3.5/5 – C-List Iron Man villains attempting the big score.

After reading and reviewing Infinity: The Hunt, I was a bit worried Infinity: Heist would be another tie in that doesn’t deliver in terms of entertainment value, or that really doesn’t have much to do with the actual Infinity storyline.  While the latter is somewhat true, it’s an enjoyable first issue that makes me want to come back for the next part.  Writer Frank Tieri who’s writing I’m usually not a fan of, tells a story that we’ve definitely seen before, but with some nice twists and layers added in to make it more exciting with ties into the larger Marvel Universe.

I’m probably not the first to say that this series can be best described as Ocean’s 11 in the Marvel U.  After the heroes have left the earth to deal with the threat going on in the main Infinity series, a group of Iron Man villains which includes Blizzard, Spymaster, Whirlwind and more come together to plan a “heist”  to steal from Tony Stark.  The plan is to steal Tony’s suits and tech, and then sell it to make millions.  Just how they’ll go about doing so has still yet to be seen, but with the characters and settings involved, I’m on board to find out.  Tieri does a nice job of setting up all the characters involved, even though the reader may not be as familiar with c-list villains like the Unicorn.  Although Blizzard carries the book for the most part, I hope Tieri can go a bit deeper with some of these villains as they’re colorful characters that have an opportunity to be fleshed out.

Al Barrionuevo’s art was a pleasant surprise on this book.  Although there weren’t many action scenes in this first issue, the pages that did, showed how well he can handle it.  Except for a couple issues when it came to the action not flowing as smoothly from one panel to another, I was pleased with his style.  He’s able to make the characters when out of costume, which for this issue is the majority of the time, distinct enough to recognize.

This is not required reading in regards to the main Infinity event, but it’s a fun book with quality art and storytelling.  I’m a big fan of these Iron Man villains, and I’m looking forward to how they’re portrayed the rest of the series.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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