Zero #1 (Image)


Rating: 4/5 – Hard-edged action set in the near future.

Zero is a very efficient spy with all that entails,  He’s a master of disguise; not the Mission Impossible kind with big rubber face masks, but the blending into your surroundings by looking like you belong there kind.  He’s a stone cold killer when he needs to be.  He’s ruthlessly efficient at completing his mission.  In the debut issue he’s tasked with retrieving a piece of bio-hardware that’s embedded in a very “deadly in his own right” soldier in a war zone in the Gaza Strip.

The thing that makes this not just a “complete the mission” type of story is the interweaving of narrative from Zero’s future self from 20 years down the line as well as some “back office” intrigue with overseeing Agents Zizek and Cooke back in London.

There is hard-edged action, violence, a bit of sex, and some drama all mixed together to make this a very satisfying read compliments of Ales Kot with art by Michael Walsh that reminds me of DMZ (Vertigo) and is very well suited to the story being told.

If you like hard-edged espionage/thrillers I’d recommend checking this out.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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