Rachel Rising #19 (Abstract Studio)


Rating: 5/5 – Another “key explanation” issue.

Rachel Rising has been one of my “Top 12” comics for a long time, the latest series from Terry Moore who is trying his hand with horror on this series after his drama “Strangers in Paradise” and sci-fi story “Echo”.   Moore has been doing a great job of keeping us in the dark on the larger reasons behind Rachel’s resurrection while dropping breadcrumbs every now and again that give us glimpses into what’s motivating the events playing out in the series.  Then, every now and again, we seem to get an issue that drops a major revelation.  This was one of those issues.

We’ve been seeing the (Salem?-ish) witches for a while in flashbacks and now we get a really strong connection of that past story thread with the present, as well as  a really strong follow up to the somewhat shocking point #18 left us hanging with.

Terry Moore has been doing a good job at tackling the horror genre in this series.  He manages to make this really creepy/terrifying without going to gore and monsters as a shorthand for “horror”.  Instead we having some really disturbing concepts like the murderous little girl who has some evil presence in her and the general forces of evil reasserting themselves in a fairly normal world.   This normal world comes to life bacause of Moore’s realistic art style.  He draws people that look like real people, particularly the women.   This makes the sense of dread conveyed by the story feel tangible.  This series is highly recommended.

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