Kick Ass 3 #5 (Marvel/Icon)

Kick-ass 3-5

Rating: 4/5 – Over the top insanity!

It is important to note that this title is for mature readers. This issue contains nudity, multiple sexual acts, and some very disturbing violence.  That said, this third and final arc of Kick-Ass is turning out to be a rather compelling conclusion to the Kick-Ass franchise. Writer Mark Millar and artist John Romita, Jr. have crafted a very interesting and highly entertaining world.

This issue focuses on the ramifications of Dave Lizewski’s relationship with Valerie. Just because Dave is distracted does not mean the other heroes have put down their capes. The Skull and Bones gang is revealed and becomes a very interesting dynamic force in the story. There are so many story strands Millar has sprinkled throughout this arc and he does a very good job of balancing them.

What I enjoyed most about this issue was Millar’s commentary on super-heroes. Throughout the book he uses narration boxes to not so subtly hammer home some interesting opinions about the genre. While this could (and I am sure will) annoy some readers, I really think it clarified the series’ overall premise and added value to the story. Millar’s premise of a ‘real life superhero’ is compelling and he has taken it in some unique directions.

Romita’s art is outstanding throughout the issue. The last 6 pages feature his original pencils and they are extremely impressive. Tom Palmer’s ink and washes really complement Romita’s style to make the book truly impressive.

Kick-Ass 3 #5 is over the top and bombastic, but in the greatest of ways. This issue is by far my favorite of the series, and I cannot wait to dive into the next issue and find out what happens next.

Reviewed by: Hank Johnson – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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