Superman/Wonder Woman #3 (DC)


Rating: 5/5- Kneel before the perfect Zod story!

Almost every page of this story is perfect.

Superman is young and he doesn’t know the full extent of his powers. He is concerned about the well-being of humans and is willing to give criminals second chances. If I didn’t known better I would’ve thought this is a pre New52 DC book… Superman and Batman’s conversation embodies everything that we know and love about those characters and their unique relationship.  A relationship that’s been written multiple times in the New52 but by far this is the best example yet of the Superman/Batman relationship.

Superman and Wonder Woman as a couple is told so good that it made me forget how much I initially opposed the idea of them dating. The story makes sense of it all. Suddenly, someone other than Lois is a suitable mate for the Man of Steel.

The best part of the issue is Zod’s introduction. It was handled so gently, but at the same time with a great sense of Zod’s infinite power. The way Tony S. Daniel portrays the emotions on Zod’s face when he arrives is priceless. You can see the confusion but the determination, the anger, the guilt.  Perfect.

Daniel is the best New52  Superman artist out there right now (Yes, you heard me Jim Lee).  Ever since his short run on Action Comics he has had me sold on his work. The art in this book is so good, so alive- the perfect fit for a perfect issue.

This issue shouldn’t exist. It’s not fair that it exists. Superman/Wonder Woman #3 shouldn’t be part of an ongoing series.  It should be the beginning of a complete standalone graphic novel. The story is so good that splitting it into separate monthly comics ruins it.  I can hardly wait for next months issue!

Reviewed by: Gilad Levin – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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