Avengers A.I. #7 (Marvel)

Avengers A.I. #7 cover

Rating: 4/5 – Daredevil stops by to help the team clean up after Infinity.

When Marvel announced that an Avengers title would be spinning out of Age of Ultron with an automaton-focused team led by Hank Pym I cast a skeptical eye and wondered if this series was necessary.  Age of Ultron was not one of Marvel’s finer moments of 2013 and I wasn’t sure how this book would find its way with all the new MarvelNOW titles on the shelves and some (like Thor and All New X-Men) garnering critical acclaim.

We are seven issues into Avengers A.I. and I have to admit that this is one of those books that I am glad I took the time to check out and not pass judgment on without reading an issue or two.  Writer Sam Humphries is crafting a solid story while seemingly in control of these characters and having some of their voices down in a short time.  In addition to Humphries, the book is drawn by André Lima Araújo, colored by Frank D’Armata and lettered by VC’s Clayton Cowles.

Issue 7 takes place after the events of Infinity and the team is placed in a very creative scenario.  Now that Attilan has crashed in New York, the team is tasked with collecting all of the potentially dangerous advanced technology that was part of the Inhuman city.  While there, they run into Daredevil who mistakenly goes after Doombot while looking for his client.  Doombot is one of the surprising stars of this comic.  He is hysterically written and has factored into some funny exchanges in past issues.  Humphries hits a high note with Doombot in this issue in what can only be described as a quality character moment for someone you would not necessarily think could have those.

Araújo’s art has a thin line that is well suited to the automatons and circuitry often found in the pages of Avengers A.I. and D’Armata’s colors have been fantastic throughout the series.  As we hit issue 7 the creative team is starting to mesh well and even though the Avengers A.I. team contains some less-than-household names on the roster, there are compelling stories being told with this group and we are getting to see sides of characters, like Hank Pym, that we have not been exposed to recently.

Avengers A.I. #7 is a solid standalone issue and for anyone not reading the series, I suggest picking it up and giving it a try.  Each month the quality and storytelling of each issue reinforces my belief that I made the right decision to do just that back when the series was launched.

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