The Midas Flesh #1 (Boom!)


Rating: 4/5 – Do you REALLY want the golden touch?

I don’t like to do reviews with spoilers so I’m going to have kind of a tough time with this issue.  There are quite a few cool moments in here that if I talk about I’ll spoil it for people reading the comic for themselves and I don’t want to do that.

From the title, one might assume that this story involves King Midas and his golden touch.  You would be correct in assuming this, the story has Midas, Dionysus, and others but there is a HUGE twist in the story that you’ll get pretty much from page 2 of the story when you see a spaceship and a dinosaur in a spacesuit, so I’m going to call that out as not a spoiler, you’ll hit it 30 seconds into the issue.  It’s the HOW we get from the dinosaur in the space suit to King Midas that’s the cool part (and also the part I won’t detail explicitly).

Ryan North has come up with a unique twist on this story and it’s one I didn’t see coming (and kudos to artist Shelli Paroline for a very cool visual on page 5).  There’s a story to be told behind each of the halves of that page, as well as what happened in the intervening time between the two halves of page 5.  That I’m very excited to see what happens next is the best indication of a successful 1st issue.  The art style is simple but expressive, there is an animated feel to it and kinetic feeling to the scenes with Cooper, Joey, and Fatima as they approach their destination as well as a proper bacchanalian feel to the scenes with Midas leading up to the second miracle.  Well done all around, I’m on board to see where North will be taking us in the remainder of the series!

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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