Avengers World #1 (Marvel)


Rating: 3.5/5 – Murphy’s Law in action.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Gilad Levin.

Jonathan Hickman is probably one of the most unpredictable writers today. Sometime he produces comics that leaves a lot to be desired like Avengers Vs X- Men and sometimes he does a great series like the main MarvelNOW Avengers ongoing series.  But just because he’s doing a good job on one Avengers title doesn’t mean he has to write a LOT of Avengers.

First of all let me clarify something before I move on with the review and let you decide whether you want to buy this book or not; I believe this book is completely useless and pointless and that will influence my review. As a story it works okay. Good job, Hickman. That said, there is no reason whatsoever that this one story arc can’t be part of any number of the 6, soon to 9, ongoing Avengers series Marvel is publishing. Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at Avengers World #1.

To be fair, this is an okay story spinning out of an okay event, Infinity. We get to see what happened on Earth as a result of the Avengers leaving it and making a name for themselves across the stars. Hickman didn’t invent the wheel with the story but he does manage to deliver an interesting and enjoyable story.  I did feel that some of the story was kind of forced and had to happen for no other reason than to move the plot along. Also this issue makes one fact very apparent and doesn’t even try to hide it; Maria Hill is being set up as Marvel’s version of DC’s Amanda Waller. Don’t argue, you know it to be true….

Reviewed by: Gilad Levin – gilad@comicspectrum.com
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