Eternal Warrior #5 (Valiant)


Rating: 4.5/5 – The Eternal Warrior takes on the next threat to humanity- Itself!
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Gilad Levin.

Eternal Warrior #5 starts a new story arc that deals with the futuristic world of 4001 AD and how Gilad deals with it. This time, instead of taking on the Gods, Gilad takes on the evil of men. This issue shows the emotional toll time has taken on Gilad. He is semi-retired, but still fulfills his role as the Eternal Warrior. There is no more gray zone with him, if you’re good you’re good, but if you’re bad- you’re dead.

When I read Eternal Warrior #1 I was disappointed when the story suddenly skipped six thousand years into modern day. I really liked the Conan-like fantasy tone in the first half of the book. Now in this issue, after skipping “only” two thousand years, Eternal Warrior #5 recaptures the essence of that first book, probably due to the fact that Gilad is no longer fighting gods, but rather another army. The change in tone was refreshing, It felt less dark and more adventurous than the first story arc. The green surroundings of the futuristic world are very rich and help to develop the new environment and world that Gilad Has to cope with.

The story by Greg Pak is superb. It’s interesting and exciting. He delivers an emotional story mixed with great action. I think it’s great that the book doesn’t dive right into the storyline the previous issue set up, but instead slowly build up to it with this current arc. I did miss Gilad’s daughter Xaran and Buck McHenry. I thought that after the ending of the last issue they’d be together, preparing for the coming of the death god, an event that should take place any year now. The two characters could’ve easily fit into the settings of the story, but that’s just nitpicking.  This book is fantastic give it a try.

Reviewed by: Gilad Levin
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