Avengers Assemble #23 (Marvel)

AvAssemble 23

Rating: 4/5 – A pleasant surprise with both the writing and character development.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

Although I’ve followed the Avengers Assemble book since it first launched, it’s never been a book that’s been a must read.  It’s been good but when compared to some of the other Avengers titles it just didn’t measure up.  This latest issue which happens to be the third part of the current storyline, although different in tone and importance, has been extremely enjoyable and shouldn’t be missed.  Writers Kelly Sue DeConnick and Warren Ellis have crafted a fun tale, that puts an unusual lineup of Avengers (and not Avengers) at the forefront, with Spider-Girl front and center.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Anya Corazon, or Araña/Spider-Girl guest starring in a Marvel book.  She’s never really caught on as a character worth following, but the way DeConnick has written her here…I could see that changing.  She’s given her a voice that’s both endearing and funny, and the dialogue is witty and feels real.  I honestly think that DeConnick has made this character as strong as she’s ever been, it’s just a shame that this creator/character combination may not last as long, taking away the opportunity for DeConnick to do something really special with her long term.  In addition to Spider-Girl, both the Spider-Woman and Wolverine also appear in this issue, hunting down stolen Inhuman cocoons, with this being part of the larger Inhumanity event.

The art by Matteo Buffagni is a nice fit for the story as well as the characters with his clean, yet detailed line.  Spider-Girl looks the age she is, adding to her endearment.  Many times younger female characters can look older than they are based on the artist drawing them.  Not so here.  He’s also able to draw the action scenes well, pulling back when the story calls for those great dialogue moments, using some slightly exaggerated facial expressions to sell the scene.  Overall, this issue and this storyline has been such a pleasant surprise.  I’m now hoping that we’ll get to see more of this character as it just goes to show that with the right creator, there’s really no such thing as a bad character.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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2 Responses to Avengers Assemble #23 (Marvel)

  1. cobyscomics says:

    couldn’t agree more! I would read an entire series with Spider-Girl/Wolverine team-ups. their back-and-forths were classic!

  2. Kevyn Knox says:

    Nice write-up. I haven’t read any of the earlier issues, but at some point, being so into Kelly Sue’s work these days, I started picking this one up. You are right, it doesn’t hold up when compared to other Avengers or Avengers’ solo titles (nor does it stand up to DeConnick’s own Pretty Deadly or Captain Marvel), but it’s still a fun read.

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