She-Hulk (2014) #1


Rating: 5/5 – Building a stronger She-Hulk.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

It seems like writer Charles Soule’s name is everywhere these days.  Superman/Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing and Thunderbolts to name just a few.  Now, along with artist Javier Pulido they’ve been given the assignment of relaunching She-Hulk as part of the All-New MarvelNOW!   As Soule continues to write more and more books, you wonder if the quality of his writing would eventually start to suffer.  Fortunately for us it hasn’t.  And in fact, She-Hulk may be his best writing yet!

She-Hulk has had a few series in the past, her longest series, Sensational She-Hulk ran for 60 issues, mostly helmed by John Byrne.  After hearing that Soule was going to be launching an all new series, I was curious to see just which way he would take the character.  Would he go the super-hero and acton star route, or the Jennifer Walters attorney route?  In issue #1 Soule for the most part ignores all the action, Avengers, and Hulk parts of She-Hulk, instead focusing on her character and job as an attorney, and it absolutely works.  Soule makes She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters so likable, you can’t help but root for her.  This issue is mostly a legal drama, with plenty of humor thrown in guest starring Tony Stark, not Iron Man, again focusing on character rather than super-heroics.  They are laugh out loud moments and Soule is adding some traits to the character, defining her personality for future issues.

All of the character moments and humor come though perfectly with artist Javier Pulido giving the book it’s unique look.  It’s easy to compare Pulido’s art to a less strange and stylized, but more “cartoony” Mike Allred.  He has a clean and simple line that leads that leans more towards the exaggerated, rather than the realistic.  That exaggerated style allows his characters to all look different and distinct, while pushing the facial expressions to drive home the humorous and conversational heavy scenes.  Colorist Muntsa Vicente uses a lot of bright colors to make the art pop, adding to the fun and lighthearted feel of the book.

Soule and Pulido end the 1st issue with a strong foundation for future stories and potential.  I hope fans of the more common action and “mainstream” Marvel books give this one a chance.  It may be light on action and feel less epic in scope, but Soule seems to have a plan to make She-Hulk stronger than she’s ever been before.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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1 Response to She-Hulk (2014) #1

  1. Kevyn Knox says:

    Nice review. I really enjoyed this issue. There has been some bad mouthing about the art work, but I liked it. Sort of reminds me of Mike Allred, but not quite as good, but still quite fun. Soule is definitely the writer to watch these days. Every one of his titles is strong. It’s quite amazing he can keep it all up. A true writer, indeed. Again, nice review. See ya ’round the web.

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