Thor God of Thunder #19 (Marvel)

THos 19

Rating: 4/5 – New story, new villain, classic team of Aaron/Ribic.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

After the amazing Godbomb story wrapped up, artist Esad Ribic took a well deserved break from the title.  Although the art was still strong on the run of issues before this one, there is something really special about Ribic’s and writer Jason Aaron’s collaboration on Thor that I truly missed.  With issue nineteen, not only do we get the start of a brand new storyline titled The Last Days of Midgard, but Ribic and Aaron are back together again to hopefully weave a tale as strong as their first.  Although this issue doesn’t necessarily wow you in the same way that Godbomb did at it’s start, there’s a lot of setup here with promise of potential.

Ribic’s art is simply a pleasure to look at.  Although his fantasy and science fiction scenes, such as a splash page with Thor battling a frost giant are a visual treat, his scenes of the everyday work great and showcase his ability to tell a story.  But it is the action scenes where Ribic really shines.  With a great last page cliffhanger, I feel like we’re in for some magnificent pages ahead that will absolutely play to Ribic’s strengths.

This opening chapter sets the stage for an compelling new villain for Thor with the Roxxon Energy Corporation and its leader Dario Agger, who is set up similar to Superman’s Lex Luthor.  Jason Aaron is about to show us how a god with a hammer will fight a giant, and somewhat evil, corporation.  It’s a new type of villain for Thor, potentially grounding him on Earth for a while.  Within this issue we also get to see a bit more of Thor’s new romantic interest Roz Solomon, who happens to also share similarities to the strong willed and temperamental Lois Lane, as well as an appearance by the Thor of the future.  It looks as though Aaron will be traveling back and forth from the present to the future within this story, something he’s done so well with previous volumes of this book.  It feels good to have this creative duo back on this title and I can’t wait to read more.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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