Batman #28 (DC)


Rating: 4/5 – A glimpse into the upcoming weekly “Batman Eternal” series.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

Writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion allow us a glimpse into Batman and Gotham City’s future, hinting at things to come in the upcoming weekly Batman Eternal series.  Issue twenty-eight of Batman takes a break from the multi-part Zero Year storyline, throwing us right into the action of what looks to be a rather different Gotham City.  One could say it’s somewhat of a teaser, or trailer into what Eternal will have to offer, but Snyder and Tynion still tell a complete, and captivating story that leaves you wanting more, but unfortunately makes us have to wait until April when Batman Eternal number one releases.

Just as Zero Year is leading to a Gotham that’s quite different than what we’re used to, this issue of Batman also presents us with a different Gotham, not necessarily with the settings, but with the supporting characters that surround Batman.  Without going into spoilers, there’s a few characters that show up in this issue that will leave you wondering just how they got there, and how they’re story will unfold.  Snyder and Tynion give the reader enough in the dialogue to make you believe these character’s change, while hinting at the possible reasons for their change and the situation that they’re in.  Batman fans will be excited about the last page reveal, even though DC’s recent double page Batman ad that’s appeared in the back of most DC Comics from a month or so ago kind of spoiled it.

Greg Capullo takes an issue off as Dustin Nguyen steps in to handle the art.  I’m a fan of Nguyen’s art, but at times his portrayal of Batman looked just a bit off, almost too short.  It’s nitpicky I know, but Batman never comes across as menacing or as dark as he could have.  Colorist John Kalisz uses a brighter pallet for this issue’s setting that also adds to the lack of fear when Batman appears.  Overall though, this is a solid issue that does what it’s supposed to do.  It gives us a glimpse into the upcoming weekly Batman series, and leaves us eagerly awaiting the next chapter.  I just wish we didn’t have to wait so long to get there.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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1 Response to Batman #28 (DC)

  1. Jason Sample says:

    Really liked this book too. At first I was disappointed to find out they took a month off from Zero Year, but after reading it (and then re-reading it) I’m excited to see what this new Batman title has to offer – especially since I dropped both Detective Comics and Batman & Robin from my pull list last fall.

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