Uncanny Avengers #18 (Marvel)

CREDIT: Marvel Comics

Rating: 3.5/5 – The surprises and the unexpected keep on coming.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

Since it’s launch, I’ve been a big fan of the Uncanny Avengers title. There have been multiple “Wow” moments throughout the series that have made it one of Marvel’s most exciting and unpredictable titles for me. After the last couple of issues, I wondered just how the title would move on. Issue eighteen provides that answer as writer Rick Remender and artist Daniel Acuña launch the “Avenge the Earth” storyline with an “All-New” number one issue. Although it’s a decent start to this new story, it isn’t as strong as prior issues.

It’s tough to talk about this issue without going into spoilers from the previous storyline, but the recap page at the beginning of this issue will get you up to speed. The earth is no more as the Apocalypse twins have succeeded in destroying the planet. The twins Uriel and Eimin have taken the mutant race aboard their giant interstellar spaceship with the hopes of transporting them to a new homeworld, free of all humanity. It’s a big idea, but Remender has already left the hints as to how it will all get put back together again. Knowing how it will all be put back together has not diminished the ride though. In this issue we see life on the ship as Havok and the last surviving human Wasp take center stage trying to reverse time. Since the whole story takes place on the ship, it feels somewhat like an alternate earth. This has allowed both Remender and Acuña the opportunity to have some fun creating new looks and designs for some long standing characters.

Daniel Acuña comes back to the title and his art is impressive. At times the art feels a bit too busy, but for the most part it works. His line is very free and as always with his art, it looks as though it was painted with watercolors. That said, I don’t think his designs of the costumes are as strong as the originals, they feel as though they’re from the future and fit into the modern design of the ship and it’s inhabitants. Overall this issue is setting the stage for what’s next, it focuses on just a few characters to ease readers into the story, but it looks as though that will all change and change dramatically next issue. When I saw some of those characters involved (who I won’t name to avoid spoiling the surprise), I couldn’t help but be very excited for what’s coming.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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