Forever Evil #7 (DC)


Rating: 4/5 – A satisfying and exciting conclusion to DC’s Latest Event.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

After a long delay we’re finally given the conclusion to DC’s big event with Forever Evil number seven. Originally scheduled for the end of March, it took a full two month after that original scheduled release date for the conclusion to hit the stands. This obviously and unfortunately caused the event to lose some of the momentum that had been building up to this series conclusion which is sad since despite some pacing issues, this issue was an enjoyable end that leaves the door open for numerous potential future storylines including a last page that any long time DC fan will love.

It’s mostly villains versus villains here, but writer Geoff Johns also lets us know the fate of Nightwing after the ending of issue six. We also get to see more of Alexander Luthor’s attack not only against the the Secret Society, but the Crime Syndicate as well. Lex Luthor takes center stage in the finale and Johns is able to make us root for him and I’m now eagerly looking forward to a Justice League that has Lex leading the group. Although the fight scenes throughout are strong, the book really shines towards the end as Johns wraps up the fates of some characters, while creating new questions and plot lines for others.

Although I’ve been critical of David Finch’s work on this series, his art in this final installment is some of his best, which is surprising considering this issue clocks in at a hefty forty pages. There’s a few splash pages that impress, and because of all the different storylines at the end, Finch is forced to fill the pages with panels, most of which are clear and tell the story well.

No less than seven story ideas are introduced, or wrapped up, at the end of this issue. Most of these story ideas hint at exciting possibilities, but if Johns isn’t the writer then it’s a bit worrisome about how they’ll be handled in other creator’s hands.  The pacing of this issue really picks up towards the end as Johns tries to wrap up so many character’s journeys and at times it feels rushed. All together, Forever Evil has been an enjoyable event and despite the delay on this issue the conclusion delivers, and the ending of this issue has me hopeful for an exciting future.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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