Justice League United #2 (DC)


Rating: 4/5 – A New League With a Refreshing, Outgoing Demeanor.
by guest reviewer Kevyn Knox.

Throughout the past few years, I must admit to having given up on many of DC’s so-called New 52 titles. I still regularly read ten or so of them, but the rest, due to my tiring of them, have all been pulled off of my weekly pull list at my LCS. But none of this DC New 52 backlash of mine means I’m going to stop checking out new titles from the fine folks over at DC Comics. I’m the eternal optimist, and it’s a damn good thing I am, because Justice League United, written by Jeff Lemire, one of my favorite current comic book authors, and a proud Canadian (the original title of this series was Justice League Canada), is a New 52 title that is not going to get pulled from my pull list anytime soon, after issue #2 it’s solidly on said pull list.

Justice League United #2 is actually part three of a story arc that started in #0. And what is that story arc you ask? Good question. Basically this opening arc is how the so-called band got together, but unlike most other New 52 titles, we do not get all that slow-moving explanatory hoo-hah that tends to come with first (and second and third and so on, until the end of the first arc) issues. Here, Lemire tosses us right smack dab into the middle of the story, which fluctuates between Lemire’s beloved Great White North and a galaxy far far away, and then runs with it. And what a damn fine job of running he does. Granted, the art by Mike McKone is not quite equal to Lemire’s writing, lacking a certain something that keeps it from being all it very well could be. As opposed to what artist Andrea Sorrentino is currently doing with Lemire’s Green Arrow, McKone’s art seems a bit staid in these first few issues.

What Justice League United #2 give us is a brand new Justice League, but with a more refreshing, outgoing demeanor. Serio-comedic in his endeavor, Jeff Lemire hands us, maybe not the deepest of superhero tales, but most definitely one of the most fun comics to come out of DC since the New 52 began. Lemire teams together Animal Man and Green Arrow, a pair of characters the writer has an intimate knowledge with of late, and gives them a more flippant, free-wheeling attitude than they have in their solo titles, along with newbie Adam Strange, and the father/daughter-esque combo of Martian Manhunter and Stargirl (a relationship that I, for one, cannot wait to see explored more). He even has Hawkman and Supergirl jumping into the fray on this new team. With all this going on, Justice League United looks is certainly a keeper and happy new resident on my pull list.

Reviewed by: Kevyn Knox
)  www.allthingskevyn.com

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