Fantastic Four 100th Anniversary #1 (Marvel)

Fanatstic Four 100th Anniversary
CREDIT: Marvel Comics

Rating: 4.5/5 – Exceptional out of continuity story with great art.

by ComicSpectrum reviewer Hank Johnson.

I am generally not a fan of futuristic, out of time stories but after reading this Fantastic Four 100th Anniversary one shot, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the story and how well it hooked me to continuing the “100th Anniversary” story line.

The first thing that struck me in the book was the art and colors. Joanna Estep did an amazing job of storytelling in her own unique style. Her style seemed to be an amazing blend of Darwyn Cooke and Mike Allred. The layouts were fantastic and very dynamic; perfect for the story that was being told. I am going to be keeping my eyes open for her work.

Jen Van Meter’s story was great, but it did seem to take a bit to get rolling. I think part of that feeling came from reading it in guided view on my tablet. When I reread the story from the issue itself, it seemed a much better experience. I particularly liked how Van Meter weaved essences of a larger story with minimal dialogue. It was a tightly focused story yet it left a lot of things open to interpretation that added depth to the story for me. Even more impressive is that Van Meter captured the essence of what the Fantastic Four is about. While she added a twist here and there to make it her own, she was true to the heart of any good Fantastic Four story: family. The one thing that detracted from the issue for me was the jokey editor’s notes. While I got the jokes, I didn’t find them funny, they were annoying and distracting more than anything else.

This book had heart, artistic vision, and an interesting and compelling premise. The issue carried the essence of every great Fantastic Four story. The sequential art is stylistic and stunning and worth the cover price alone. I’m glad I read this and am on board for the 100th Anniversary as it continues.

Reviewed by: Hank Johnson
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