She-Hulk #6 (Marvel)

CREDIT: Marvel Comics

Rating: 5/5 – Soule has She-Hulk Back at the Top of Her Game.
by guest reviewer Kevyn Knox.

I liked Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, when she was an Avenger. I liked her as a member of the Fantastic Four. I quite enjoyed the fun that John Byrne had with her in his classic fourth wall breaking She-Hulk title. I liked when she was savage and I liked when she was sensational, and I liked when she was part of Fraction and Allred’s most recent FF incarnation. I guess what I am trying to say here is, that I like She-Hulk. And this All-New Marvel Now version is no different in that aspect. In fact, sometime during the first six issues, it has become one of, if not my absolute favorite Marvel title going right now.

Written by the seemingly ubiquitous Charles Soule, this new She-Hulk is as fun as ever. Bringing in so many underused, almost forgotten, characters as a supporting cast (Patsy Walker! Patsy Freakin’ Walker!!) and bringing Jen back to her roots as a lawyer, Soule has given this new title, a very retro feel – and I, for one, am loving it. The purposeful slant toward Jennifer’s lawyering side, makes for quite intriguing possibilities, indeed. And yes, even with Soule being mostly praised here, there has been some disagreement with the artistic side of the title. So let’s address that, shall we?

The first four issues of this series were drawn by Javier Pulido. A lot of people made a fuss over not liking his artwork. Reminiscent of a Mike Allred, Pulido’s art maybe hit people the wrong way. Perhaps they weren’t expecting a style such as that. Who knows why. I sure don’t, because I loved Pulido’s art in these first few issues. Classic and quirky. What’s not to like. Then along came Ronald Wimberly to illustrate issues five and six. Now even more people are getting all worked up over what many are calling a downright atrocious artistic style. Really? Ya know what, I like Wimberly’s art too. So there.  Artistic taste is subjective, right?

Just as he did last issue. Wimberly brings a strange other-worldliness to She-Hulk #6. As Charles Soule begins to dig deeper into what he wants to do with this series, Wimberly’s art digs even deeper. As a fan of intriguing, unusual comic art stylings, Wimberly’s use of forced perspective and oddly exhilarating choices of coloring and exposition and panel positioning (his splash pages are just to die for!) is just up this critic’s alley. It’s almost a shame to see Javier Pulido come back next issue. Almost.

She-Hulk #6 is the kind of comic book that I remember growing up with in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Both funny, in a quite wry sense, edging on dark comedy at that, and with a sense of impending dread and most probable doom for our heroes, Charles Soule hands us yet another soon-to-be classic tale of the non-Avenger, non-X-Men slice of the Marvel Universe. I am digging Wimberly’s artwork most completely and I am looking forward with great glee and glorious anticipation to what will come next.

Reviewed by: Kevyn Knox

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2 Responses to She-Hulk #6 (Marvel)

  1. Al says:

    The art in She-hulk has turned to garbage. I’m not buying another issue until they change artists. And the issue I wasted my money on is headed for the recycle bin. I’m fine with experimental but not with garbage. This is a Marvel superhero comic. Save the experiments for zines sold at art fairs.

    • The art is not objectively “garbage”. I do believe you don’t personally like it.
      I’m not personally a fan of the art either, but that doesn’t make it “garbage”.
      Kevyn likes the art, so he subjectively believes it is NOT “garbage”.
      Not liking art doesn’t make it bad. It makes it art you don’t like.

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