Harley Quinn #8 (DC)


Rating: 4.5/5 – Harley Quinn is Both Fun and Funny!
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

Harley Quinn and her writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti never take themselves too seriously, and that’s what makes this title so fun and different from a lot of the mainstream titles that DC publishes. Instead of living within the Bat-Family titles, Harley Quinn stands alone in the stories that have taken place so far over the course of this series’ first eight issues. There have been ongoing subplots and branching story lines, but one of the strengths of this series is that each issue can be enjoyed on it’s own, and that’s especially true with this month’s issue.

After Harley sells some jewels at a local pawn shop, she’s finally got enough money to complete the contraption she’s been building for months. It’s called the scatapult which provides for some hilarious moments in a book that’s full of them throughout. Not only that, but Harley also makes sure she’s there for her latest roller derby match where tragedy strikes and Harley loses a tooth, again leading to some great moments that includes some witty dialogue where Harley speaks with a rather distinct speech impediment. The writing throughout is clever and cute with Conner and Palmiotti’s sense of humor perfectly fitting Harley’s crazy personality. The jokes are a combination of obvious and subtle with artist Chad Hardin adding his own visual humor to Harley’s character and settings.

Hardin’s art has been consistently great each and every issue. He’s able to make Harley range from sexy and attractive to scary and outrageous. In this issue, Hardin is able to show each stage of emotion when Harley loses her tooth starting with shock, to sadness, and then to rage over the course of a few panels that make Harley feel real, despite the craziness of the title. Hardin is able to portray Harley’s wide range of emotions perfectly as he embraces his somewhat loose line.

This series shows a Harley that’s different from the one we’ve seen in the Suicide Squad. They’re both crazy, but this Harley is the “lovable crazy” that fans came to adore from her first appearances in Batman: The Animated Series, and then some. This series and this issue is closer in tone to something like Mad Magazine than it is to Batman, and that’s a compliment. This creative team has proven that their take on the character works, and can fit within the DCU.  It’s hard yo be both fun and funny, but Harley Quinn proves it can be done, and done well!

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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