Superman: Futures End #1 (DC)

Superman futures end


Rating: 4.5/5 – Great Character Development for the Futures End Superman.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Gabe Bustamentez.

“Where is Superman?” has been one of the many mysteries surrounding the New 52 Futures End. This masked Superman that’s in the Futures End series doesn’t seem to be as strong as Superman, he doesn’t speak like Superman, and he sure doesn’t act like Superman. In Futures End #17, it was revealed who was under the helmet,  which led to many more questions.

There are questions Lois Lane wants answers to and she goes looking for the only person who might know the answers. What she gets is not a story about what happened to Superman, instead it’s a story about inspiration and doing the right thing. Most of the issue is Lois Lane performing an interview, yet, it doesn’t feel like I was reading an interview. Jurgens has taken this opportunity to further develop the New 52 versions of some classic DC characters. He does this by using a wonderful and touching story about what Superman can mean to people.

Dan Jurgens has a very long tenure as both a writer and an artist on Superman and that experience helps make this issue so enjoyable. He has a tight grip on what makes Superman so important to everyone in the DC Universe and how he is able to inspire hope to people and even be an inspiration to fellow super-heroes.  Lee Weeks provided very dynamic art throughout the whole issue. From big fight scenes and large action all the way to the simple dialogue scenes I felt a depth and weight to Weeks’ art. This issue felt  important to me. More details about the big war between the heroes, villains and the forces of Apokolips are given during this issue. A war that has been teased at a lot and has been the major backdrop for much of the Future End’s overall story.  A war that I hope we get to see in comics soon.

Reviewed by: Gabe Bustamantez
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