Green Lantern Annual #3 (DC)



Rating: 4.5/5 – The Godhead Event Finishes With a Bang.
by ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas

As far as events go, Godhead delivered for me both editorially and in production. Godhead was a three act event, with six parts in each of those acts that ran through the multiple titles in the Green Lantern family. The battle between the New Gods and the Lanterns culminates in this Annual issue written by Robert Venditti and pencilled by Billy Tan. It wraps up everything that’s been happening over the course of the last few months and instead of just setting the stage for the next big thing, leaves us with a satisfying conclusion and a clean slate.

The New Gods’ Highfather comes to realize that the power of the White Lantern comes with a price as the battle all around him on New Genesis closes in. Each Lantern color is represented well throughout this issue, and much like the entire event, Hal Jordan isn’t the sole focus. Kyle Rayner, Sinestro and surprisingly Saint Walker get their time in the spotlight this issue, and each of their respective storylines wrap up nicely.

In terms of the overall event, it was a pleasure reading each title as a true next installment in the overall event, rather that forcing a “Godhead mention” into an already existing storyline. On the other hand if you weren’t reading the majority of the Green Lantern titles, this event would be a costly one as each title had a legitimate and important part of the continuing saga. Having an event come out like this is a risk for those not reading the “other” books, but I appreciated how tightly this event was written and how meaningful each issue was. Venditti packs plenty of action throughout this oversized annual and despite the heavy workload with an issue of this size, Billy Tan delivered on the art and a spectacular opening splash page.

Much like the Godhead event started, it finishes with a four-page fold out splash with something I believe is a DC first when it comes to the Source Wall. Tan’s art within this splash sets the tone for the rest of the issue. Although I would have loved to see a bit more creativity with some of the characters introduced, he nails the existing cast and their trademark looks. Towards the end, the inking becomes a bit too loose, but overall I was more than pleased with Tan’s consistent pencils.

If you’ve read the advanced solicitations for March, then you’ll have noticed that several of the Green Lantern titles have been canceled (Corps, New Guardians, Red Lanterns) with only Green Lantern and Sinestro remaining. Although their cancellations are imminent, with this event they’re going out with a bang. There are plenty of great characters within these titles including John Stewart, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner that won’t carry their own series, so hopefully DC has a plan to shine the light on them elsewhere in 2015.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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