Green Lantern: Lost Army #1 (DC)

Lost Army

Rating: 4.5/5 – The GL Corps is Back and As Good As Ever.
by Comic Spectrum EiC Bob Bretall.

I drifted away from the GL family of books soon after Geoff Johns left.  I tried the Robert Venditti run but it just wasn’t doing anything for me.  I’ve picked up the odd book here and there hoping to get one that captured my attention, because the Lanterns have been my favorite of DC heroes since I was a kid.  Nothing clicked with me until I flipped through Lost Army #1 on the stand at my LCS this week.  This looked good!  Read a few pages in the shop and yep, definitely worth a try.  I’m glad I bought the issue and brought it home!

In general, I think a #1 issue should be the beginning of a story, not joining a storyline in progress.  While that usually bugs me, Cullen Bunn handled the storytelling in such a fashion that it did not.  Score 1 for Bunn.  I’ve got Lanterns I know; John Stewart, Kilowog, Arisia, and one of the best intro panels for Guy Garner I’ve ever read.  Lanterns I don’t know (Xrill-Vrek and Two-Six) but I get to know them as the story progresses.  And what is Krona doing here?  I don’t know!  But I look forward to learning more, as do the Lanterns.  I really enjoyed the flashback pages for John Stewart and hope in future issues we get this kind of treatment for the other main characters.

The art, by Jesus Saiz, was superb.  Clean lines, excellent body language, emotive faces, and an all-around nice job of giving a decent amount of “on panel” time to the various members of the large cast and not just drawing a lot of characters as minimally featured background blobs like some artists do in team books.

Cullen Bunn and Jesus Saiz have earned this book a slot on my pull list, which for people who have been following my reading habits should be seen as quite an accomplishment for a DC super-hero book lately.  This had everything I was looking for in a GL book, except maybe Hal Jordan, but frankly with the other Lanterns featured here I didn’t really miss him at all.  That is a testament to Bunn’s writing.  This is my GL book for now, I look forward to seeing how the story plays out over the coming months!

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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