Aliens vs. Zombies #1 (Zenescope)


CREDIT: Zenescope

Rating: 3/5 – A New Twist on the Same Old Zombie Story.
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall.

While walking by the Zenescope booth at the San Diego Comic Con, I was handed the 1st issue of Aliens vs. Zombies.  If someone hands me a free comic, the least I can do is read it!  And it was entertaining.  Cool concept from writer Joe Brusha:

When a meteor carrying the zombie virus hits Earth. it triggers the potential end of mankind.  The last chance for humanity is a spacecraft full of alien scientists tasked with tracking the interstellar virus; one that has wiped out many other planets.

A lot of zombie books either go with a supernatural cause for the zombie outbreak or just skip the cause altogether and choose to just deal with the aftermath.  Here we get an extraterrestrial origin, as valid as any, I suppose.  What I liked here was the combo of sci-fi with the inclusion of the alien team of scientists from a variety of races, along with the slavering horde of undead.  What didn’t work so well for me was the art by Vincenzo Riccardi, the body language of the characters felt stiff along with a panel and page design that for me lacked a dynamic storytelling flow.

This issue had an interesting high-concept.  It failed to deliver for me on art and I’d have liked to see at least an initial confrontation between the aliens and zombies instead of having that put off until #2.  Do you like Zombies but tired of the same post-apocalyptic survivor stories?  This may be just the ticket for you.  I’m interested enough in the story to pick up #2, so on that front this was an effective #1 issue since it has me wanting to come back to see what happens next.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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