Zombies vs. Robots #7 (IDW)


Rating: 4/5 – The Cover Hooked Me and the Story Paid Off.
by ComicSpectrum Eic Bob Bretall

The cover of this issue lept out at me on the rack, as it probably would for anyone who used Pee-Chee folders for their school work in Junior High/High School.  The eye catching cover got my attention, but flipping through the issue kept that attention

The robots are (mostly) working for the humans who survived the zombie plague.  I jumped on board with this issue, but issue #7 is a great story for catching me up on what’s going on.  Writer Chris Ryall puts the focus this issue on a Father/Daughter who take refuge in a bunker in Kansas in the early days of the Zombie/Robot war.  The art was by a mix of artists.  The main story was mostly by Paul Davison but had 3 double-page spreads by James McDonald, Valentin Ramon, and James Kochalka that illustrated narrated scenes of that main story.  There was also a 2 page “Tales of ZvR” backup by Ashley Wood, with dialogue by Ryall.  I’m a huge fan of Wood, so this was a nice treat to be thrown in.

The Father in this story appears to be a key figure in the ongoing ZvR mythos that we’re getting backstory for here.  Next issue promises to kickoff a new wave in the war, which has me anticipating more action and robot on zombie violence, and perhaps even some conflict between surviving humans (a hallmark of the genre) but with their battle ‘bots thrown into the mix to kick the action up to another level.

Issue #7 a perfect jumping on point for people who haven’t checked out the series yet.  The zombie genre is still pretty popular and I liked the fact that this is a twist on the genre that I’ve not seen before.  The robot/human factor brings a unique feel to the series, as does the variety of art.  I’m going to be staying to get more of Ryall’s story and I’ll be looking for back issues too!

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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