Sunflower #1 (451 Media)


CREDIT: 451 Media

Rating: 4/5 -A Gripping Tale of a Mother Defying All Obstacles to Get Her Daughter Back.
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall.

What will a Mom do to protect her child?  In many cases almost anything.  10 years ago, CJ thought she lost her husband and daughter.  But now she has an indication that her daughter is actually alive…  That spurs her to action, and I have a feeling that as this series progresses, God help those who get in her way.  Created & written by film producer Mark Mallouk, this is being adapted to comics format by Andi Ewington with wonderfully moody art by Lee Carter.

The trail leads to a mysterious cult leader, Rush Bridge, who seems to have everyone terrified for some reason.  People don’t even like to speak his name.  The local police are zero help, as is typically the case in stories like this one, so CJ is going to need to investigate on her own if she hopes to rescue her daughter.  Fortunately, and again, playing into a common trope for stories like this, there is a retired law enforcement officer who may be willing to help, but we’ll see more of that next issue.

Sunflower is a story that plays with extremely common elements of the genre.  The parent searching for a child.  The mysterious gang/cult leader.  The uncooperative police.  The predominantly scared and resistant townspeople, but of course, there is one who gives information setting our hero on the right path.  But to Mallouk’s credit he manages to assemble these common elements into an intriguing story and I came to the end of this first issue wanting more.  I’m on board for this story, I want to see where Mallouk takes me, it should be an interesting ride.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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